Separation anxiety

The dog is the most loyal and attached animal and therefore it’s often the case when the owners have problems with separation anxiety issues. Most times these feelings are manifested when the dog is left alone in the house for a longer period of time or changes occur in a home, for example bringing a new pet. Most often they manifest by disturbing the neighbors withbarking, destroying things in the house or urinating in inappropriate places.

Here are some tips that should be followed to educate your dog to cope with the time they are left home alone:

·         Do not caress, speak or have any eye contact with the dog when you leave home or when you come back. With this kind attitude you show him/her that there is nothing unusual with the fact that you are leaving.

·         Take your dog out for a walk before you leave.

·         Before you leave be sure that your dog has everything he/she needs (toys, food,  water) and will not have any other stress sources.

·         Do not punish your dog for his/her behavior. It will not associate the punishment with what he did wrong so it won’t resolve the problem and will increase the stress for your dog.


It has been demonstrated that as treatment for separation-anxietyit is better to combinean educational program withdrug treatment. For that you should consult your veterinary doctor.