What is PetWinks?

PetWinks is UK’s favorite website for finding professional pet care providers, pet sitters and dog walkers throughout the country. No matter where you’re located and what your are needs, we can connect you to the best pet care providers in a snap!

Our Story

We created PetWinks to fill the gap between traditional dog kennels and expensive boutique pet daycares. As an affordable and safe alternative to the traditional pet care options, PetWinks makes it easy to find pet sitters who understand your pet’s unique needs.

PetWinks Community

PetWinks has an extended community of thousands of pet owners and pet care providers across UK. Our goal is to provide a secure platform for pet owners and care providers where they can come together to discuss pet sitting or dog walking arrangements.

What is unique about us?

PetWinks is unique in many ways. First of all, there are no booking or agency fees. There is also no minimum fee. The rates are decided between you and pet care provider, and the payment is released only when service has been provided to your satisfaction.

In addition to the aforementioned features, PetWinks is also unique in how it works. When you search for a pet care provider, it scans thousands of profiles in fraction of a second and matches them against your search criteria to yield only the most relevant results that are financially and geographically within your range.